Hogans Farm

Cooked Meats   

In the early 1990’s as the marketplace and customer requirements began to change and some of our customers requested cooked turkey breast.
Our late mother, Teresa Hogan decided to cook up some plain, natural turkey breast in her  Aga oven at home.
The customers loved it and as demand began to grow, we invested in a small industrial oven and cooking plant - Faughan Foods, which we built in Rathcairn Co. Meath, named after Faughan Hill close to Hogan's Farm. 
This started out with just three part time staff cooking large bulk breast meat for Delis and butchers across Leinster.

Towards late 1990’s cooked turkey became increasingly popular and a new much bigger state of the art factory was built with the support of An Ùdaràs na Gaeltachta .
In 2003, Faughan Foods ( Bia Faughan Teo) became one of the countrie newest cooking facilities and we were able to expand our offering to producing sliced cookd meats aswell as bulk cooked meats.

This facility was recently sold (April 2017) to another long established Family Owned Business in the cooked meats sector -
O'Brien Fine Foods (OBFF), the producers of renowned Brady Famaily Ham.

OBFF continue to cook poultry products in Faughan Foods including under the Hogan's Farm Brand and for retailers as well as their own brand
'Homebird' nationwide.

'Homebird' brand is a collabortation of Irish families coming together to produce a quality product for Irish Customers.
We rear and produce Irish turkey all year round for the cooked turkey slices under Homebird brand and Manor Farm rear and produce Irish Chicken for the chicken slices.