Hogans Farm


When in Season (Easter,October, Thanksgiving and Christmas) all our turkey are reared and managed by us on our own farms . All our Irish turkey is clearly marked with the Love Irish Food symbol.

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we rear a special breed of turkey that is exclusive to our farms.
Rearing turkeys is what our family has done for over 53 years, so it is something that not only do we have a great knowledge of but are very passionate about.
Animal welfare is important to us and we wanted to ensure that when our customer purchased a Hogans Farm branded fresh turkey, that they were getting the best quality and value.
That is why we have started to introduce more specialised breeds of turkey on our farms. We call these turkeys - Hogans Farm Heritage Turkey – a Heritage turkey is a strain from the original turkeys and they are a very slow grown breed that are not produced in mass quantities that for e.g. you may see in main stream supermarkets.

This allows the bird more time to grow at a steady pace, which gives a more quality finish at the end.
The breast formation of our Heritage Turkey is also different to more main stream turkey, and given that it has more time to grow , it means there is more breast meat for smaller size bird.
Included in our Hogans Farm Heritage Turkey Selection is a range of White and Bronze turkeys.
The Heritage Bronze Turkey is better known as our Woodland Bronze name given by where they are reared , wild out in our woodland. These turkeys can be purchased direct from our Farm Shop and online.

Other range of Seasonal products include:

  • Standard White Hogans Farm turkey
  • Standard white turkey crown
  • Standard white Boned and Rolled whole turkey
  • Standard white Breast roll

All of which are under the Love Irish Symbol and reared by us on our farms.