Hogans Farm

Woodland Bronze Turkeys ™

The Hogan’s Farm Traditional Free Range Woodland Bronze™ are so called after the wooded area in which they live on Charlesfort Estate where Hogan’s Farm is situated.

Our breed of Woodland Bronze Turkeys  are part of our own breed of turkey knaown as  - The Charlesfort Turkey ™.
The bronze breed itself are from a strain of the Original American Wild Black Turkey.
Their body feathers are generally dark brown overall with a coppery sheen that becomes more obvious as they grow older.

From one day old, our Woodland Bronze are carefully cared for in their own heated shed. Little by little we bring them outside and when they reach 6 weeks old they live completely outside all day and night with the total freedom to live in their natural outdoor surroundings 24 hours a day.

Do they go in at Night? We are commonly asked, No they do not. They really do live ourstide all the time, not wanting to go back in to their house, they are happy to  live and investigate their more natural surroundings.

Our Woodland with its mature oak, beech and chestnut trees with scattered openings including grass banks, where you can see the turkeys perched in the mornings, is the ideal location for the Woodland Bronze.

Unlike the domesticated standard white turkeys but like all wild turkey, the Woodland bronze can fly. Although they fly close to the ground and short distances they are quite agile fliers. Early in the morning and late in the evening before sunset are the best times to see this spectacle.

The Woodland Bronze is a slow rearing breed , meaning they take much longer to grow than your normal white turkey. Therefore, the birds mature at a slower pace and live in a natural environment all of which aids to their overall flavour and texture. The status awarded  by the Department of Agriculture and Food is Traditional Free Range for these Woodland Bronze.

As we want the Woodland Bronze to live and grow in their natural environment we only rear a couple of hundred for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our most exclusive breed to date, the Woodland Bronze are available to order online for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as being available in some of our select butchers .

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