Hogans Farm

Our Turkeys

Since 1962 we have been rearing turkeys on our own farm and growers nearby.

We rear a variety of different breeds and types of turkey on our farm to fulfil our wide range of customer demands.
The standard white turkey, which is the most popular turkey will be recognised as the Christmas bird and is available in all good retailers as well as the local butchers. New in recent years, is our range of Heritage Turkeys which include a different breed of white turkey, that are slower growing birds for our premium range.
Also reared on Hogan’s Farm, is our Super Premium Woodland Bronze (check out our woodland bronze page for more details.)

In the summer months of July August and September the Christmas season kicks off with the arrival of our day old turkey poults. These little chicks are placed into heated and ventilated, Bord Bia quality approved houses under the care of Fintan, Hilda and Paddy who look after and care for them from their very first day to their... last!