Hogans Farm

About Us

We are second generation family owned and operated turkey farm based in Cortown, just outside of the town of Kells Co. Meath, Ireland.
We produce and supply fresh turkeys to local butchers, retailers and foodservice customers nationwide.

Turkey for some is just for Christmas...But for us Turkey is the Core of our business and of our daily lives. 
Fresh Turkey is what we know and love in fact everyone of our family grew up knee deep in feathers!

It all started over 50 years ago, with our mother and father (Teresa & Martin) originally Dairy farmers.
Our Mother, like most farming wives at the time decided to rear 70 turkeys one Christmas, to raise some extra money for herself and her growing family.

All the turkeys sold out so our mother decided to rear more the next year and again they were sold.
As times got tough on the farm with the diary herd , Teresa and her turkeys became the sole income one Christmas and so it naturally came about that they continued to rear turkeys all year round. This created a steady income for the the whole family. Martin , a born sales man went out on the road knocked on doors of butchers and hotels and began to drum up steady weekly orders. Then as chef's began to move around hotels, they brought their turkey supplier with them "Hogan's" and so the weekly and yearly flock numbers of turkey began to grow.

As the business grew so did the Hogan Family, and Fintan & Paul joined their parents business.

(picture inset taken at Hogan's Farm,  Paul & FintanHogan)

Now, in it’s second generation, with the passing of our parents, Hogans Farm is managed by Fintan and Paul along with their wives Hilda and Sandra. 
We consider ourselves a true family business  as some of our staff  have been with the company over 20 years!

Currently employing over 20 people, we are a proud local employer and it is our aim to keep this number growing.

The business has diversified throughout the years from only producing whole turkeys, to also providing a wide range of retail packs under the Hogans Farm brand.

A second site - Kells Cold Stores located in Kells business Park is our main storage and distribution centre.

In 2014, with a passion for turkey,  the farm and to provide our quality products direct to the public, we decided to embark on another exciting venture by opening our own Hogans Farm Shop. We intend to expand this further over the coming years by transforming Hogans Farm Shop into a destination for families to enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Today, Hogan’s Farm is made up 2 enterprises that work in unison, these include:

This site is home to the fresh turkey processing facility, with its own rearing houses on site.

This is the original site and is based on Hogans Farm, where you will find our main office and fresh turkey processing facility, all of which are located in now reformed stables and outhouses of what was once part of the Charlesfort Estate. The husbandry ( rearing) of the turkeys is handled by Fintan and his wife Hilda with a small team of staff, who have been with Hogans Farm for over 20 years. Over 80,000 turkeys were reared and produced by Hogan’s Turkeys last year.

This plant is Bord Bia and Halal accredited.

Our Seasonal Hogan's Farm Charlesfort turkeys are reared on our own farms under our supervision . Unlike other turkey processing facilities and operators in Ireland and in most of Europe, who outsource their rearing capabilities, we can 100% guarantee the animal welfare or our Hogan's Farm Charlesfort Turkey and can fully trace from our farm to your fork, which is extremely important in the food industry and to our customers. The furthest rearing house is 25 miles away which also reduces our carbon footprint in production which aids our sustainability programme.

As we have been rearing for over 55 years, we have become very passionate about turkey, and in particular the various breeds of turkey. In recent years we have worked with close partner's in UK and America to develop and rear a breed specific to Hogans Farm turkey "the Charlesfort Turkey ™", this includes Bronze aswell as White turkey.

This facility, was purchased in late 1990’s to aid Hogan’s Turkeys ltd in the cold storage of the large volume of fresh turkey produced at Christmas.

Today, as the business has grown, it caters for the entire business cold storage requirements and is also the main central distribution centre, where all dispatched product from Hogans Turkeys Ltd. is consolidated and broken down for orders and distributed by either our own fleet of van and truck sales or by third party.

Chilled and Frozen storage space is available for rent please contact Fintan on 0469240273 or fitnan@hogansfarm.ie for further information.