Hogans Farm

Fresh Turkey

The Core of our business and of our daily lives. Fresh Turkey is what Hogan's Farm know and love in fact everyone of the Hogan Family grew up knee deep in feathers!

At Hogan's Farm one of the first thing you learn is to only present the very best at all times  “ if you wouldn’t buy it yourself then don’t put it out”. 

Therefore we have continuously search far and wide to only source the best quality meat and finest ingredients for our fresh turkey products.

When in our Rearing Season (Easter,October, Thanksgiving and Christmas) all our turkey are reared on our own farms and farms managed by us and out of our rearing season we source our fresh turkey breast meat from our approved supplier partner farms in Europe.

A rearing season you ask? (find out more in our blog posts!)
We have turkey sheds on our farm and surrounding areas, depending on the breed it can take anywhere from 16-26 weeks to rear our turkey, so with only 52 weeks in the year and so much space to rear turkeys we need to rotate our sheds whilst allowing the time to naturally ventilate, breath, clean and in the case of our free range, regrow the vegitation and grass that the birds completely wipe out!

So for the time when we cannot rear our own turkeys we do purchase fresh turkey breast meat from approved plants in Europe, that we get in on a weekly basis to fill the supply gaps.
Fintan and Paul have been out to these farms and production opeartors and have gone though every aspect of the supply chain to ensure that the turkey supplied to us is not only of the very best quality but also that they come from farms and suppliers with the same ethos and animal welfare standards that we expect and adhere to.

This ensures that our customers are getting the same quality they expect when they purchase a Hogans Farm product whether it’s in or out of season.
When we are producing in season , our products carry the Love Irish Food Symbol, so you can easily identify when it is in season (Irish meat) and when it is not.

Our customers can be confident in Hogans Farm brand as they are assured to only get the best quality products. This is backed up by being the most awarded turkey producer in Ireland ! Please see ouraward winning products page for more details.

We produce a wide range of retail products that are available in Dunnes Stores and Spar and Eurospar stores nationwide.
These include:

  • Fresh turkey breast steaks
  • Fresh turkey breast mince
  • Fresh turkey breast stirfry
  • Fresh turkey breast diced
  • Award winning fresh butter basted turkey breast


Bulk / Large order fresh turkey products include:

  • Fresh Boned & Rolled Turkey
  • Fresh Boned & Rolled Turkey Breast Only
  • Fresh Turkey Crown on the Bone
  • Fresh Turkey Breast Joints
  • Fresh Whole Turkey