Rearing Season at Hogan’s Farm for Irish Turkey is for  (Easter,Thanksgiving and Christmas) .

Our Family have been rearing turkeys for over 55 years, it is with this passion for producing quality fresh turkey that Hogan’s Farm rear our own turkey breed, the Charlesfort Turkey™. A range of slow rearing, fully matured fresh Irish reared turkey , including the exclusive Free Range Woodland Bronze™ turkeys .

What’ the difference between a “normal” turkey and a Charlesfort Turkey ™?

Firstly , A Charlesfort Turkey™ is a slow rearing turkey and “normal” turkeys are not,
this means a Charlesfort turkey has more time to grow at a natural steady pace , at least 5 weeks more than a normal turkey. This allows the bird to mature more naturally,  this extra length in time is what gives this turkey a quality finish and better flavour to the end product. Secondly, is the breeding, the Charlesfort Turkey™ are bred from select strains of traditional turkey stock not from mass-produced industrial stock and you can visibly see the difference in the look and bone formation of the turkey.

Included in our Hogans Farm Charlesfort™ Turkey Selection is a range of White and Bronze turkeys.

The white turkeys are known as The Charlesfot White™  and are reared in small batches in specialized temperature-controlled barns and the Bronze turkeys are known as  ‘The Traditional Free Range Woodland Bronze ™ Turkey better known as our Woodland Bronze™ the name given by where they are reared, wild and free to forage all day and night amid the natural woodland.

All of which are under the Love Irish Symbol and reared by us on our farms.