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Our Babies Have Arrived

Our Babies Have Arrived

Hogan’s Farm Trditional Free Range Woodland Bronze Chicks have arrived.


Yes , our babies have arrived. These Bronze turkeys are the first to arrive and will be some of the longest matured turkeys for Chrsitmas in Ireland.

We starting our “family planning” of the bronze with Paul Kelly from KellyBronze in the UK in January. Paul Kelly is a specialist in turkey rearing and turkey breeds and him and his team exclusively breed our Woodland Bronze turkeys for us and only us. Once the chicks are born they are carefully transported by sea to us within their first 24 hours and they are placed into their new home on the farm. They will be kept warm in doors for the next 6 weeks under the constant monitoring by our husbandry team on the farm to make sure  that they are kept warm, cosy and safe.

After 6 weeks we then open the barn doors and they tentatively take their first steps outside.
Once out we leave the barn doors open for them to come back in . However, we find that the brave never come back and the more cautious chicks might come back in once or twice but then no more as they become used to their lucious surroundings in which they live all night and day outside.

Nestling under the natural shelter of the trees and grass banks at night to sleep. The birds are at their most active early in the mornings, where in thier first couple of months can be seen flying off the banks unto the nearby grasslands.

We will keep you up to date on the their activities throughout their stay,so stay tuned.