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Spicy Turkey Burgers

Spicy Turkey Burgers
Eating well is simple once you cn add some filling protein ( hello Turkey:) and flavour - and this recipe has some delish, simple ingredients packed full of flavour . Recipe Credit : Turkey Thursday Collection by The Fitness Freak

500g Hogan’s Farm Turkey Mince
½ red onion, grated
1 garlic clove, crushed
2 tsp Madras curry powder
Handful of chopped coriander
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp Rapseed or coconut oil
4 Wholemeal burger buns
1 tomato
4 leaves of spinach
Red onion or mango chutney


1 carrot grated
1 courgette grated
Handfull of toasted cashews
Fresh coriander sprinkled on top
Dressing of 1 part rapeseed oil / olive oil & 2 parts balsamic

1) In a large bowl, mix together the turkey mince, onion, garlic, curry
powder, coriander and egg yolk with a little salt and pepper. Combine
well with your hands, then shape into 4 flat burger patties.

2) Heat the oil in a frying pan or present grill on a high heat, then cook
the burgers for 5-7 mins each side or until cooked through.

3) Toast the cut sides of the burger buns.
Place the spinach leaves & a slice of tomato on the bottom halves of
the warm buns, then top with the burgers and red onion chutney &
fresh coriander

4) Serve with the grated carrot & courgette salad.