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2015 all wrapped up

As we put our now weary feet up on the couch,throwing the boots by the front door (although we probably should not admit to doing that),  I can’t help but reflect on what the year has brought us. In all, 2015 has been kind. Yes it has had it’s challenges but sure we wouldn’t know what to do if we hadn’t those, it keeps us young and fresh or so we make ourselves believe that to be true, but all in all it has been a good year.
We opened the shop late in 2014 –  So we got to watch it grow and ranges expand, meet new suppliers and now new customers and friends on a weekly basis.
2015 also brought new opportunities for our cooked plant , winning new business and exporting to the UK for the first time.
The Hogan’s Farm brand and own branded  fresh turkey products  won 7 top food awards. Which truly had us blown away, not that we don’t believe our products deserve it, but when they are up against such tough competition in different categories it’s fantastic to go pick up the top awards. It’s a nod to our hard working staff and customers that we supply, it gives us and them the confidence that – yes , we must be doing something right!

In October we had a bit of fun with visit from Peppa and George who came to visit their cousins 🙂 celebrating the shops 1st anniversary. It was a brilliant day, for us and customers as everyone chilled out, relaxed and let the kids play around for the day. Then Christmas started as quickly as it ended! We even helped one of our farmers reach Dubai with their turkeys . It’s always an extremely busy time, thankfully, it passes in a blur but we got all orders out and reports have come back good from customers, that’s all that matters in the end.
We have a few exciting plans for 2016 , that I am really looking forward to sharing with you over the next couple of months as they unfold.
In the mean time, we  hope that 2015 was kind to you too and wish you the very best for the year ahead.