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Faughan Foods sale to O’ Brien Fine Foods

Faughan Foods sale to O’ Brien Fine Foods

Fintan & Paul Hogan have the pleasure to announce the sale of Faughan Foods , the cooked meats divison of Hogan’s Farm to O’Brien Fine Foods.

Faughan Foods has been operating for 25 years in Rathcairn, Athboy, Co. Meath. This cooked meats plant, processing turkey, chicken and beef on site into bulk and pre-pack form produce a range of products under private own label for the Irish and UK retailers,  as well as under the Hogan’s Farm brand. 

Fintan and Paul have been very successful in developing the Faughan Foods business in Rathcairn which currently employs over 80 staff .
This sales, invovles bringing this experienced 80-strong team including long time serving members of staff Diarmuid O’ Connell production manager and Lisa Rowntree Commercial Manager, to lead the day to day operations supported by O’ Brien Fine Foods.
It is business as usual for both Faughan Foods and Hogan’s Farm , as we continue to work with our existing customers and suppliers throughout the tranistional phase. Whilst going forward,  Hogan’s Farm will continue to supply fresh turkey to Faughan Foods as O’Brien Fine Foods work to develop its offering in the white meat market.

An exciting time for all parties involved and the opportunities this sale represents,it is begining of a new chapter in Hogan’s Farm history.
As they move forward to develop Hogan’s Farm, Fintan & Paul will be able to focus more on the rearing of fresh turkey, where it all began over 55 years ago .

So watch this space !