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Lambing Season – Jacob Sheep

Lambing Season  – Jacob Sheep

Back to farming basic’s – we are in lambing Season.
Nothing gives us more joy than being a farmer!! It’s what keeps us pumped, it is also a brilliant way to enjoy the great outdoors and it get’s the children involvled too.
We have a small herd of Jacob Sheep – their coats are fairly soft fleece and are known as multi horned sheep , as they can have anything from 2 to six horns.
Much like our turkeys we are interested in select  / unusual breeds for all our livestock and this includes our cows which are belted galloway cows.
So I guess we like to stay and keep original in  regards to our breeds of animals!
We have quite a few lambs now and our latest editions are a set of twin female’s. Our middle child Sophie really enjoy’s going out in the mornings before school to feed them and herself and her sisters are anxiously waiting on the new arrival’s to come! Our house is full of excitement at the moment!
You can see the new arrival’s as you drive up to the farm shop. So don’t be shy and you are welcome to come by and see them.