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Honey and Mustard Glazed Bacon ( cook in the bag)

Bake in the Bag


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Our Top Selling , mouth watering , honey and mustard glazed bacon is sure to be a hit! No bone, just a simple bacon joint with a tasty honey & mustard glaze on top. In it's own cook in bag, so simply place it in the oven @150OC no mess no fuss. Contains: Gluten

850g – Small feeds approx 4-6
1.5kg – Medium Feeds approx 6-8
2kg – Large Feeds approx 8-10
3kg – Extra Large Feeds approx 12-15

Our recommendation for Christmas Day dinner for family of 6 adults
get 2kg as will do dinner and some left overs.
If feeding more.. why not consider 2 x 1.5kg instead of a 3kg and this gives you more options,
if you don’t use one you can always freeze it for another time.