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Fresh Irish Free Range Woodland Bronze Whole Turkey

The Finest Traditional Slow Reared Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey. This Product is sold Fresh (Raw).


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These very unique  slow rearing, heritage bronze turkeys, are bred to be reared outside in the wild. They roam, forage and embrace all the elements of our fresh, natural Irish climate, soft days included! These special Bronze turkeys thrive in their vast grass and woodland surroundings, enjoying their freedom to  perch, roost, and embrace the natural bounty on offer . With a little help from a nourishing cereal-based diet including tasty seasonal tasty treats  such as sprouts, carrots and apples As these birds are slowly maturing for over 6 months, they can vary in size. We estimate that weight range and volumes will vary between 5-12kg. This is how real bronze turkeys should be reared, just as nature intended them too, it is an absolute delight to see them thrive.

These serving suggestions are guidelines only.

5kg-Minimum Serves 7
6kg- Minimum Serves 10
7kg-Minimum Serves 14
8kg-Minimum Serves 18
9kg – Minimum Serves 20