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Faughan Foods sale to O' Brien Fine Foods

Fintan & Paul Hogan have the pleasure to announce the sale of Faughan Foods , the cooked meats divison of Hogan's Farm to O'Brien Fine Foods.

Faughan Foods has been operating for 25 years in Rathcairn, Athboy, Co. Meath. This cooked meats plant, processing turkey, chicken and beef on site into bulk and pre-pack form produce a range of products under private own label for the Irish and UK retailers,  as well as under the Hogan’s Farm brand. 

Fintan and Paul have been very successful in developing the Faughan Foods business in Rathcairn which currently employs over 80 staff .
This sales, invovles bringing this experienced 80-strong team including long time serving members of staff Diarmuid O' Connell production manager and Lisa Rowntree Commercial Manager, to lead the day to day operations supported by O' Brien Fine Foods. 
It is business as usual for both Faughan Foods and Hogan's Farm , as we continue to work with our existing customers and suppliers throughout the tranistional phase. Whilst going forward,  Hogan’s Farm will continue to supply fresh turkey to Faughan Foods as O'Brien Fine Foods work to develop its offering in the white meat market.

An exciting time for all parties involved and the opportunities this sale represents,it is begining of a new chapter in Hogan's Farm history.
As they move forward to develop Hogan's Farm, Fintan & Paul will be able to focus more on the rearing of fresh turkey, where it all began over 55 years ago .

So watch this space !



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Paul & Sandra pick up award at Blas na hEireann 2016 for Hogan's Farm Tasty Turkey Sausages

Paul Hogan Hogan's Farm Turkey Sausages win award

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Hogan's Farm Wins Top Awards


Hogan's Farm scoops up two awards at the recent Irish Qualiy Food Awards

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New Product Launch

New Product Launches

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Woodland Bronze Turkeys have arrived

Hogan's Farm Tradtitional Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkey Babies are the first baby turkeys for Christmas to arrive on the farm  -  In June 2016.

There was great excitement as the first of our turkeys for Christmas 2016, arrived to the farm on a wet and windy Wednesday morning in June.
The babies arrived one day old to the farm and we nestled them into their warm comfortable beds . 
Our Woodland Bronze turkeys are now nearly 2 weeks old and are running around lively as any toddler. We took the picture shown, when they were one week old, as I didn't want to frigthen them off with the flash we took very few.

So you may wonder why they arrive so early especially that Christmas is a little under 6 months away! 
Our Hogan's Farm Traditional Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys, are a slower growing breed of turkey. We specially chosen these breed for Hpgan's Farm Woodland Bronze because of their slow growing nature, meaning the bird can develop and mature at a far more natural pace, the way natured intended. The turkeys are then brought out the natural wild woodland surroundings when they are old enough, about 6 weeks old. True to their title - Traditional Free Range - they are given the freedom to roam freely around their pasture and  woodland surroundings night and day. 

As a result of the birds having a more free and natural slower rearing process, this allows them to mature over a much longer period of time. Coupled with the fact that they are free to roam and forrage all day - this adds to the overrall tenderness & flavour profile of the birds on full maturity.


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Fresh Turkey has a whole new New Look

Hogan's Farm brand has been given a facelift! Fresh Turkey never looked soo good!!

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Celebrating Irish


Happy St. Patrick's Day or should we say weekend !!!!
Like all good things we seem to be making the most out it and celebrating it on into the weekend.
We grab the bit of green out the wardrobe and from the ground and join in the parade. Yes some people do take it too far but I think the day in general allows us  to take stock and celebrate our Irishness in terms of our heritage and culture.
In support of this, our own Hogan's Farm Shop has highighted in store our Irish and local suppliers that provides us with the stock on our bustling shelves.
Next time you are in the area pop in and support those companies, most of whom are small family owned businesses.
Enjoy the day and celebrations where ever you are.


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Lambing Season - Jacob Sheep





Back to farming basic's - we are in lambing Season.
Nothing gives us more joy than being a farmer!! It's what keeps us pumped, it is also a brilliant way to enjoy the great outdoors and it get's the children invovled too.
We have a small herd of Jacob Sheep - their coats are fairly soft fleece and are known as multi horned sheep , as they can have anything from 2 to six horns.
Much like our turkeys we are interested in select  / unsual breeds for all our livestock and this includes our cows which are belted galloway cows.
So I guess we like to stay and keep original in  regards to our breeds of animals!
We have quite a few lambs now and our latest editions are a set of twin female's. Our middle child Sophie really enjoy's going out in the mornings before school to feed them and herself and her sisters are anxiously waiting on the new arrival's to come! Our house is full of excitement at the moment!
You can see the new arrival's as you drive up to the farm shop. So don't be shy and you are welcome to come by and see them.

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